Welcome to Signal and Information Processing. You can download the complete list of slides that are used during lectures.

The individual slides for the course can be found under Material index. Updated labs will be uploaded to Labs as they are introduced in lecture.

Teaching Staff – Spring 2020

The class meets in the LRSM (Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter) auditorium. The labs are held in the active learning classroom in the 4th floor of Walnut 3401. Please remember to bring your own computer to the lab sessions.

Please direct all emails pertaining to this course to ese224@seas.upenn.edu.

This class has five teaching assistants and three lecturers. Their names and emails can be found below. Unless you have a question specific to one of the TAs or one of the lecturers, please direct all emails to ese224@seas.upenn.edu.


Head Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants

Turning in assignments

Please submit all labs in printed, hard-copy to the file cabinet outside of the main ESE office on or before the due date. We are lenient with late submissions, but do not take advantage of our leniency. If you are late with a couple of submissions, there’s no problem. We understand that life happens. If you are consistently late, say, you are late more than two times in the term, then you need to reorganize your weeks to be on time. Also, being late means you are a couple of days late. If you are a week late that is too much. If you turn in a lab assignment more than one week late we will unceremoniously toss it in the trash bin.